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Getting started with the Moonb Partnership Program


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3.Earn recurring commissions on earnings

Once your referrals pay, you will receive a 10% recurring commission on every transaction for the initial 12 months they continue to be a Moonb customer.

Discover additional information about the rules that apply in
Moonb Partnership Program Terms.

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Grow your business with the Moonb Partner Program

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Earn generous recurring commissions for each successful referral
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Connect with a vast community of creatives from across the globe
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Promote our award winning studio trusted by many businesses
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Benefit from 90-day cookie life
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Get monthly payouts via PayPal 
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Leverage the growing demand for our creative-as-a-service model

Discover how much you can earn

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Refer 1 customer=$695 per month
Refer 5 customers=$3475 per month
Refer 10 customers=$6950 per month
* Based on the Unlimited Design + Video Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a partner program and how does it work?
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The Moonb partner program is an opportunity that allows individuals to earn commissions by referring customers to Moonb. As an partner, you promote Moonb's products through unique referral links, and when someone makes a purchase using your link, you earn a 10% recurring commission.

To enroll in the Moonb partner program, you must complete the Partner Registration Form.

Who can apply for the program?
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Influencers, YouTubers, Affiliate marketers, Growth Hackers, Marketing Agencies, Creative Managers, and pretty much any individual who loves Moonb's work and wants to create an additional income stream while educating and helping individuals and companies succeed with creative services production.

Is the program open to individuals in all countries?
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There are no limitations on who can become a partner, as long as your activities comply with the Moonb Partner Program Terms & Conditions.

How are my referrals tracked?
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To monitor your referrals, we utilize cookies that remain active for 90 days following the initial click on your link. Cookies play a crucial role in accurately tracking your referrals and ensuring proper commission attribution.

What is the minimum payout threshold for the partner program, and what is it exactly?
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The minimum payout threshold for the partner program is $50 USD. Any unpaid commissions you earn will accumulate in your partner account until you reach this threshold. Once the threshold is met, you will be eligible to receive a payout.

How often are commissions paid?
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Commissions are usually paid monthly on the 1st day, provided it’s not a public holiday or a weekend day.

What are the payment methods?
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Commissions are paid via PayPal. To ensure you receive commissions, please make sure that you entered a valid PayPal email address in your affiliate profile.

Can I sign up for Moonb through my own referral link?
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No, we do not allow self-referrals, which means you can’t sign up for Moonb with your personal referral link. Discover additional information about the rules that apply in Moonb Partner Program Terms.